Our Service Difference

Our People, Processes and Technology deliver EXCELLENCE, and thats how we makes a service difference.

Our People

Attentive … Knowledgeable … Passionate – these are just some of the words our clients use to describe the Customer First business excellence team. With extensive experience in working with global brands, our team is a talented mix of multi-level, cross-functional, subject matter and domain experts that are dedicated to meeting and exceeding client goals and expectations. Our staff continually strives to add the latest innovations at work through internal development and strategic partnerships. They constantly seek ways to improve our service delivery through process improvement, resource utilization modeling, quality monitoring, and business intelligence analytics while simultaneously providing insights to our clients that help to improve their own business efficiency, service effectiveness and customer retention. We treat every client relationship as a partnership, working with you to make your business better. Our team may work for Customer First, but they consider themselves ambassadors for your brand ensuring that each customer interaction enhances the customer experience and increases satisfaction, thereby increasing loyalty and lifetime business value.

Our Processes

Our service-oriented delivery processes are built using six sigma methodologies and incorporates proven internal processes that enhance repeatability and reliability of service delivery. Our structured client engagement model successfully manages each stage of an implementation and takes you seamlessly through process mapping, knowledge transfer, training, transition planning, implementation, quality monitoring and on-going performance management.

Process Migration Expertise

We know that to be a successful extension of your business means that we need a complete understanding of your business, the products you sell, the support processes in place and your business culture. To start an implementation, an experienced Customer First Business Analyst engages with the client to develop a mutually formulated transition strategy, along with detailed process maps, timelines, and knowledge transfer requirements.

Hiring Qualified Talent

It’s all about customer experience, and our employees deliver…!!! Led by our Chief Mentor, we begin a speedy, robust and effective hiring and selection process to build a dedicated team that meets both Customer First and your service requirements. Our selection criteria includes domain expertise tests, personality/communication skills, English grammar and comprehension, voice and accent neutralization proficiency, as well as project-specific skill sets which may include technical aptitude, product familiarity and more.

Training for Excellence

Our structured training programs combine Lecturettes, role plays, and other proprietary interactive methods to ensure qualified, skilled and highly trained staff that are ready to engage themselves in your business. Our dual-track training includes standard modules that build skill and knowledge competency in technology skills, language, customer service and as well as client-specific modules that train on the client’s products and systems.

Operations Excellence

With continuous staff monitoring and immediate issue resolution protocols, we ensure the delivery of consistent, high quality customer interactions. We align with your goals and constantly track KPI's and metrics. Real-time dynamic scheduling and reporting streamlines scheduling and further reduces costs so that you are always receiving high value, reliable service and maximum productivity levels.

Performance Management

Through powerful real-time reports and predictive modeling and forecasting, we track KPI's and metrics to continuously improve staff performance, increase productivity and optimize contact center efficiency. This means you realize increased customer retention as a result of higher first call resolutions and consistent, highly satisfying customer experiences. We also provide insightful business intelligence analytics that are often leveraged to increase service effectiveness, generate incremental revenue, and establish new standards for service.

Quality Assurance

With an impressive 1:15 ratio of QA Monitors to executives, our dedicated QA department does everything from auditing programs through recorded and live monitoring, to monitoring e-mail and other non-voice based processes, through work sampling for quality scoring. They continually monitor performance and identify problems at the onset to enable quick resolution while maintaining high performance, consistency and quality scores. They also recognize trends for long-term improvements.

Our Technology

Customer First understands the dynamic changes that occur in the IT Enabled Services industry, and continually develops technology solutions that provide our clients with the best mix of customer experience tools. From deploying tools that increase staff productivity, to building a new channel in which to engage your customer: we’ll work with you to build the best service mix to satisfy your business goals and help you gain a competitive edge. We employ state of art technology as well as our own proprietary systems and experience to ensure that we can support any client need. Our proprietary systems are built from experience, client input, consumer new media adoption and emerging business needs. We offer capabilities that support a unified approach enabling you to consolidate administration, routing, monitoring and reporting across the globe. Our technology center offers a combination of several leading technology skills and our industry-leading performance optimization and interaction management tools allow us to perform high levels of service with a low cost of delivery.

Our proprietary systems include:

  • Real-time Management dashboard :
    Enables real-time visibility and transparency for data and process monitoring.
  • Process Management System :
    Online platform for sharing and updating customer requests and deliveries.
  • Real-time Applications :
    That provides online tracking, management and monitoring of your business via data enabled devices.

  • We constantly seek new ways to give our clients a competitive edge and we do it all cost-effectively so you enjoy all the benefits of partnering with a world-class technology services provider for a very low cost.

Our Differentiators

  • Long term strategic partner with proven track record.
  • Ability to leverage our experience in the successful fulfillment of several campaigns for India’s Top companies.
  • Enforceable service guarantees.